How to Write a Wedding Speech: 13 Steps (with Pictures.

How to Write A Killer Bride or Groom Wedding Speech.

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How To Write A Wedding Speech Groom

How to write a groom speech in 2019 - Moss Bros.

The groom often gets a good roasting from the best man, so the groom’s speech is a chance to say get in a few jokes of his own! As well as thanking the wedding party and both sets of parents, what all the guests are waiting for are some romantic and heartfelt words about his new spouse. You’ll find plenty of example groom speeches to help inspire you when the time comes to write yours.

How To Write A Wedding Speech Groom

How To Write A Good Wedding Speech Even If You're Not A.

Groom Speech Jokes Here are some fun quotes you can use in your wedding speech. These groom speech jokes should be used sparingly, remember that the idea is to add some humor, but not go overboard. “My speech today will be like a mini skirt, long enough to cover the essentials, and short enough to hold your attention.”.

How To Write A Wedding Speech Groom

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The ideal wedding speech for a groom should be a blend of romance, entertainment, and authenticity. Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so to start, write down the main points of your speech first. These tips will help when it comes to writing your first draft.


Begin your speech with a few stories about you as a couple; maybe an anecdote from when you started dating or an insight into how the wedding prep perfectly illustrated your differing personalities (who would have thought you’d be the one insisting on colour co-ordinated cufflinks?).

Easy, peasy: How to write a groom's wedding speech.

Groom Speech Structure - All the key phases of your speech. Opening Lines - How to get off to a flying start and hold their attention. Thank Yous - A list of the important people to thank during your speech. Parents - Should you mention your parents in your speech?

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The bride’s father makes the first speech, followed by the groom and then lastly the best man. Each speech should last around 10 minutes and end in a toast (a sip of champagne) to the happy couple. If you are having a toastmaster, they will announce each speaker.

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The groom's wedding speech is often about covering all bases. It doesn't have the bravado and general LOLs of a best man speech, the gushing and poignant words of a bridesmaid speech, or all the nostalgia and tear-jerking of a father of the bride or groom speech. Instead, a groom's speech is half admin, half emotion; kind of like an Oscar acceptance! A chance to shout out the bridesmaids.


Every wedding speech we write starts with a blank piece of paper and is based entirely on information you provide (face-to-face, over the phone or via email). We are also delighted to give our feedback on a speech you have already written, and happy to edit it as required. A generation ago, the speeches at a typical wedding were often restricted to the groom and a friend of the bride’s.

Too many Best Men write their wedding speeches with a bunch of friends over a few beers. This can be fun at the time but often results in a speech high on rude stories and innuendo but low on sincerity. Strike a balance. The audience will enjoy some jokes at the Groom’s expense but in context. This demonstrates he’s a good friend with some decent qualities.


Traditionally, the wedding reception is home to several speeches from the wedding party and the bride and groom’s parents. It’s a time to celebrate the new marriage and share stories of fond memories of the couple. Your groom speech is a chance to share how much you love your bride, but writing the groom’s speech can be daunting for those who haven’t attended several weddings this year.

How To Write A Wedding Speech Groom

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The groom’s wedding speech is a time to thank the guests for attending the wedding and to acknowledge close friends and family who have been unable to attend the big day for any reason. This is often said on the behalf of the groom himself and the new bride. The groom’s wedding speech can also give a special mention to both sets of parents, thanking them for all their help. As the groom.

How To Write A Wedding Speech Groom

How to Write the Perfect Maid of Honor Speech For a Wedding.

When it comes to wedding speeches most men would rather have panthers gnaw off their thumbs than think about how they’re going to cope with writing and delivering heartfelt and engaging wedding speeches. That’s why we’ve put together a number of resources to help the Best Man, Groom and Father of the Bride get their speeches in order.

How To Write A Wedding Speech Groom

Wedding Speeches: A Simple (But Complete) Guide for 2020.

The groom’s speech is a good opportunity to give thank you gifts to the bridal party to show your appreciation for all the hard work they have put into the wedding. They should be sure to ask someone to help them with this so they don’t have to leave the room in the middle of their speech to collect the presents. Make sure the gifts are well labelled so the groom doesn’t give cufflinks.

How To Write A Wedding Speech Groom

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The purpose of a wedding toast to the bride and groom is to celebrate their union and give them your blessing, and it's also to entertain everyone present. In the past, a traditional wedding would see the father of the bride or a close family friend, the groom and the best man give a toast in that order. Today, it is far more common for the bride, a bridesmaid or maid of honour to get involved.

How To Write A Wedding Speech Groom

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Just remember this speech isn’t all about you and your mates “But please do this briefly,” says Seb of Great Speech Writing. “One regular complaint from wedding guests is that they came to listen to stories about the bride and groom, not the groom and his best man. Don’t forget who you are marrying and why you have asked people to.

How To Write A Wedding Speech Groom

How To Write a Great Groom's Speech - Bridal Musings.

How to structure your groom’s speech It could be said that your job is the easiest. All your speech really has to do is thank those who helped with the wedding and tell the assembled crowd how much you love your new wife. All the guests are there because of you and they will be willing you to do well more so than the other two speakers.